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The Parnassos Hellenic Cultural Society of Ottawa, Inc. was established in 1974. The original name of the organization was The Parnassos Society, Inc., renamed to The Parnassos Cultural Society, Inc. in 1990 and to its present name in 1994. In 2018, Parnassos acquired a charitable organization status.
The logo of Parnassos is designed after the capital letter Π (pi) of its Greek name (Παρνασσός).

The name Parnassos originates from the mountain range behind the oracle of Delphi that was sacred to the ancient Greeks. Mount Parnassos was the sanctuary of Apollo, god of light and music. The nine Muses-goddesses of the arts and sciences- also made their home on Mount Parnassos. In time, Mount Parnassos thus came to symbolize man's striving to cultivate thought and to achieve excellence in the arts and letters. Inspired by this legacy, many organizations and societies over the years have chosen Parnassos as their eponym. For example, in modern Greece, the Parnassos Literary Society (Φιλολογική Σχολή Παρνασσός) was established in 1865, in Athens.
Today, the centre hosts music, literature, poetry, and other educational activities.

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